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WPX Hosting review | Personal Experience

There are hundreds of web hosting companies but all of these are not same. They are different in their features, support, price etc, Today we are going to review WPX Hosting based on customer experience. It provides WordPress hosting services to organizations, individuals, services, technologies etc. So let’s start with little introduction of WPX Hosting.

What is WPX Hosting

An internet marketer Terry Kyle co-founded WPX hosting in 2013; he also builds Traffic Planet Forum. WPX hosting is a Bulgarian hosting provider and hosting services on a high-speed track. It furnishes WordPress hosting with reliability. It depends on speed, service, and security themes. WPX Hosting was called Traffic Planet Hosting previously. It has been providing the best services recently and managing the support issues also.

Internet works with virtually many interconnected networks. Many of these computers are the computers of people who “surf” on the Web, but many others are the “servers” that store the information for you on their hard drives that make up the content of the Web.

If you want to create a website, you must put it on a server so that other computers can view it and find your site. You will probably get a domain name with your web hosting, but if you do not, you can get it separately, and then direct it to the part of the server where your website code is contained. Then, every time someone types the domain name into their browser, the server is called and then sends the system to their computer, which allows them to display your website.

It is hosting with different prices which are somehow affordable for many but may costly also. It is more suitable for bigger businesses.  WPX hosting is offering a pain-free encounter, which is giving free migration of websites and serving 24 hours that many of the web hosting services companies are not providing.  They have their technical staff for your best take care.

Web hosting companies vary in many areas, which is why it is important to read many WPX hosting review. Essentially, using a server is a bit like buying a computer, and this comes with statistics that affect the performance of your website. For example, by reading web hosting reviews, you’ll find a site with the best bandwidth, storage, and support.

It is not difficult to get an account for web hosting, but finding the right service provider is a daunting task. As a beginner or novice user, you will have to work hard to gain basic knowledge of services and domains. This knowledge and information will help you identify and evaluate a good web hosting company. It may seem like a complicated and challenging process, but it can be simplified by reading reviews of web hosting. Your preference should be sincere, unbiased, and based on real-time hosting reviews.


Features Overview











Why WPX Hosting is the Best Hosting

Features of WPX Hosting are the features with which users love WPX hosting.


The majority of users complain about the speed of their websites that they used. But today, it is essential to know how well your website is working and what will happen with multiple clicks. They have the world’s fastest WordPress CDN with up to 3x site speed.

Customer Service:

WPX cope with traffic spikes, and their uptime is best with simple and basic control panel. They are providing customer support with a reply to support tickets and live chats to resolve your problem within no time. It is one of the favorite features of WPX hosting. Responses are sometimes as fast as 5 minutes. The slowest has been 30 minutes, and that’s very rare.

The slowest issue resolved was about 6 hours – and after being a customer for well over a year, that’s the only time I’ve had to wait so long. But, I was kept informed along the way, so I wasn’t just twiddling my thumbs.

Multiple Websites:

WPX hosting provides hosting of five websites at a time, included in their basic plan. Many other hosting services allow only one website to host in their basic plan, and their prices go up with every plan and service they provide. WPX gives a professional plan also that covers up to 15 to 35 websites. It also provides free SSL certificates, free CDN, 1-click WordPress install, limitless email boxes, SSD servers, application firewalls, dedicated memory, and more. Most hosts are rendering limited storage and space that creates an issue for you.

Site Migration:

WPX hosting handles site migration for free, and they do it within 24 hours. Users always give positive views about their speed, and some say that it is even before 24 hours. Users move from one service to others without a thought if your service is creating a fuss for them. So the WPX feature keeps you engage in the long run with it.  If you are coming from a different hosting provider they can also migrate your websites for free! You also have the WPX hosting ‘FFY’ guarantee. The WPX Hosting ‘FFY’ guarantee means that, when you run into a technical issue affecting the normal operation of your site, the good news is our Support Team will fix the issue for you, fast and free.


WPX keeps a daily backup for your website. If something goes wrong, they restore your data backup for free. It is offering staging options to test your website and save it from crashing without any risk. It also offers you to choose your server and host.


Some websites are so many complexes that people will be unable to understand. But WPX hosting provides a fundamental and easy interface to their users so that they can manage it either they are learning or advancing in this. They want to give you the best experience. The admin interface that they are providing is straight, and they don’t use cPanel, but the alternative is arguably superior. cPanel slows down the performance of servers on which it is installed.

Content Management System:

Many hosts focus on WordPress will and restrict you with content management systems. But WPX does limit you and provide you content management systems and other hosts so that you can use it other than WordPress.


WPX hosting offers DDoS protection, malware scanning & removal for security purposes. However, if there is any sensitive and confidential data, it gives you automatic backups also.

Check the video to know more about WPX Hosting

Downsides of Traffic Planet Hosting

Regardless of positive reviews, several users suggest improvements and changes should be made-

Price: Website hosting not cheap. For quality services, you must pay, not a premium, but decent amounts. There are web hosting companies offering competitive prices, but before choosing the one with the lowest price, think about it so that it does not cost you at later dates. It may seem that the factors to consider when choosing the right host are too strict. However, in reality, they are not, and there are many web hosting companies that not only meet them but offer even more. Users are attracted to WPX hosting for its price also.  Its price plan cost starts at $24.99 per month with the hosting of five websites. It is very sharp as compared to many other competitors of WordPress managing hosts.

WPX Hosting gears their plans around a monthly maximum bandwidth, which can be offset even further by using a CDN like MaxCDN (now StackPath). Best for an individual who does not want to compromise on the speed, and it is best for Bloggers, small and medium businesses.

WPX Hosting- The power to handle traffic spikes without ruining the user experience

There is a point of interest that WPX hosting designed for large e-commerce websites, but the great thing about it is that it is designed to deal with a large amount of traffics. Their fantastic performance and the ability to deal with traffic spikes is that they leave 50% of servers’ resources available.


Choosing the right WPX hosting plan can be very stressful for anyone. The search and selection process can become very complex due to the sheer number of web hosting companies offering different features and benefits to consumers. It is essential to find the right web hosting provider, as any bad choices will seriously damage your online business reputation and revenue due to the constraints and limitations that prevent you from effectively supporting your customer’s line. Some advantages are listed here:

  • It is handling traffic without sacrificing page load times on a quick pace.
  • It provides beneficial support to its users.
  • It is offering excellent prices when it comes to comparing with competitors.
  • It provides supports to emails also (unlike some WordPress hosts)
  • It is fundamental and easy to use interface (all the essential stuff is one click away) which is understandable for newcomers also.
  • It can support other content management systems (not just WordPress) so that you can have a great experience.
  • It is rendering Enterprise level DDoS protection.
  • It is giving a secure and Malware scanning and cleanup.



WPX has the following cons

  • Its interface is lacking in features, but this could be classed as a pro since the interface is easier to work with
  • There is no phone support (but live chat & email is very fast).

According to a review, there was only one serious issue with downtime, and it didn’t last for too long. The team handled it amazingly. How they handled, it was terrific. I got a few months free, migration to a newer server, and their founder was super transparent about what was happening.

Why Should You Select WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is rendering the best features and services around with the best customer care. When you choose this, you will be freed from all your tensions regarding your hosting and website frequency issues. Its high speed and free migration service make it top-notch in organizing the world.

Can I transfer my website from another hosting to WPX hosting?

Of course!  WPX Hosting provides you the migration without any extra charges.  If you are coming from a different hosting provider, they can also migrate your websites for free! You also have the WPX hosting ‘FFY’ guarantee. The WPX Hosting ‘FFY’ warranty means that, when you run into a technical issue affecting the regular operation of your site, the good news is WPX hosting Support Team will fix the problem for you, fast and free.

Some More Users Reviews about WPX Hosting

WPX use revies

Final Verdict:

The bottom line of WPX hosting is that it cares about its customers, unlike a lot of the big web hosts out there. The load times of the pages are impressive, and they have the support to match. It seems very hard to find a lot of unsatisfied users with this service. Overall vibe and review are very positive of WPX Hosting. Their users love how quickly support gets back to them, and many report much quicker speeds on their sites after migrating over. The cost point can be a bit high for someone with an accessible website that is just looking for an online presence, but users with more than one site will love the saving they can see every month with this host.

And this is the complete review of WPX Hosting. As an expert I have written about WPX Hosting based on user experience. To help a new user I have mentioned all of its strength, weaknesses and quality of service. Just visit the WPX Hosting website and get more idea about it.

WPX hosting features

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  3. Thanks for the sharing this useful article about wpx hosting. wpx hosting is very good and fast hosting but it is costly for those who just entered in blogging. many bloggers are using wpx hosting becuase its good results. i advise if your blog readers are thinking to buy or change the hosting then they can think to go with wpx hosting. it is costly but it will be good for blogging carrer. good conents+good hosting speed= blogging sucess.

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