What is WordPress And How Does it Work

What is WordPress and How does it Work? Learn Details

A lot of people have a question in their minds, “What is WordPress, and how does it work?” Keep reading if you have the same question. We have discussed every detail related to the WordPress basics in this article.

What is WordPress?

So, the very first question, “What is WordPress?” It is a platform that offers you to organize, edit, publish, delete,  and maintain content in one place.

The content can be in the form of audio or video files, pictures, or text. These things can be settled in the way you want, which is the strong suit of WordPress. And Yes! It is the best platform for storing and manipulating information as well.

How Does It Work?

WordPress includes widely used Coding Stacks such as CSS, HTML, PHP, Jquery/Javascript, and MySQL. It works best on the Linux Server as well as on Windows Servers. WordPress includes a Relational Database known as MySQL that has all the data such as options, pages, posts, and settings. Also, it uses the templates where there are actual codes present.

Meanwhile, it uses PHP, a server-side programming language, when an individual makes a website request, PHP connects with the database and start generating the HTML with the essential files depending on what is being needed, brings all the things together and send them to the person who is making the HTTP request. All the processes happen within seconds.

So, I think you have enough ideas after reading about WordPress, and how it works. Now let us move towards some other information.

What is a WordPress Website?

When it comes to talking about website creation, there are a lot of available options. But I prefer using WordPress as it is the best solution for all kinds of business.

  • The WordPress website is quite to manage. You can add the new content, edit the already published material, and add the latest images, products, and posts.
  • There are a lot of free plugins that can do amazing functionalities on the website. So, there is no need to worry about different functions you want to be included on your WordPress site.
  • WordPress is open-source; it means you can download and use it for free. But there are several things outside WordPress that you need to buy, such as premium plugins and themes, web hosting, and domain.

What is WordPress Gutenberg?

The Gutenberg WordPress Editor is the new page builder that is being designed for integrating with the WordPress core. It will add the page builder-like functionality and content blocks to every WordPress website.

What is WordPress

When it is in use, it will replace TinyMCE as a default content editor. With the Gutenberg, content is added in the block of numerous types from the backend of WordPress. It is slated to be released with 5.0 WordPress.

How much is WordPress Hosting?

Most of the owners of WordPress website can spend almost $6-$35 a month for WordPress hosting. There are a lot of websites offering the best hosting packages for their users, and they are monthly, quarterly, and yearly, and the pricing of every package is different.

If you choose a basic shared hosting plan, it will cost you at around 3 dollars a month, and the price can go up to 1,000 dollars for dedicated hosting for the enterprise businesses


How to choose the best Managed WordPress Hosting

There are several things should be considered in choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website. I have tried to list all the necessary point here-

  • Uptime: At first, you should check the uptime of the hosting. Maximum uptime ensures a great user experience. Pick the hosting which has 99.99% uptime
  • Performance: To choose a good hosting you should consider the history of the hosting providers. Check the past 5 to 10 years performance of the company and select the consistent performer
  • Server Location: Know your users from where they are. If your users are from Singapore then try to choose Singapore WordPress hosting. It means to host your website in the Singapore server.
  • Security: Dedicated hosting is more secure than shared hosting. Because you are only the owner of the hosting. If you can purchase dedicated hosting then it will be great for you. If you purchase shared hosting then check their security level.
  • User Experience: I always prefer to investigate customer feedback at the time of purchasing anything.
  • Support: You will understand the significance of support when you will face a problem. We have analyzed users and found that most of them are inexperienced and cannot solve different problems. And the have to take help from support. That’s why great support is recommended at the time of choosing the hosting


All of these are related to the company. There are some other things that should be remembered at the time of choosing managed WordPress hosting. These are-

  • Budget: It is a great factor. From the study, I found that most people try to start with cheap price hosting. If your budget is low then go for Shared hosting. Otherwise, I will recommend using dedicated hosting.
  • Your audience: Shared hosting is enough for a small audience. But if audience size is large then go dedicated hosting
  • Website type: If you run a portfolio or personal website then shared WordPress hosting is perfect for you. Dedicated hostings are for the large website basically where millions of people visit per month.


Final Comments

At last, we can say that WordPress is a superb content management system because of its usability and flexibility. Keep in mind one thing about WordPress. It has two versions, WordPress Org. and WordPress.com. The first one free to use and the other one is paid and more customizable. If you want to build a business through WordPress then we will recommend you go to with the second one.

I hope you have now got the answer to your query, “what is WordPress and how does it work?” Choose WordPress and you will get succeeded by leaps and bounds.

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