How to Choose Web Hosting Provider


There are billions of websites exist around the world. All of the websites required hosting. The people who want to start a blog, e-commerce business, online support center, etc. should have clear knowledge about What is web hosting, Types of web hosting, How to choose web hosting provider.


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a storage that is required to maintain an online presence through a website. It is the place where all data are stored.

If we say more about the web hosting definition, then we can say that the different things like images, videos, doc. files, etc. found on a website are hosted in a place and this place is called web hosting.


What are the types of web hosting?

When we visit a website of a hosting company, we find that they are providing different types of hosting services. Actually, there are several types of hosting that are required for different types of work. Let’s discuss these ones by one-

Shared Hosting

It is the hosting where many website owners share one physical server to host their website. All the things from different websites are stored in the same space. As a result, it is slower than other web hosting.

The main benefit of shared hosting is that it is less costly than any other hosting plan. Most of the hosting companies offer shared hosting which costs $2.50 to $15 or more.


Dedicated Hosting

It is the opposite of shared hosting where one server is given to one website owner. As the owner of one website pays for the whole server, he has full control over that server. He can control everything through the control panel.

The benefit of this hosting is faster service, uptime, and security. The server never down because of a single user. It is more costly than shared hosting that starts from $100.


Cloud Hosting

Most of the people think that cloud hosting is a new technology. But the reality is that the hosting is introduced in 1999. Cloud hosting refers to the combinations of many servers where all servers work together and eliminate problems. When one server cannot perform its task properly then the task is performed by other servers.

It is suitable for medium and large websites. If your websites’ traffic is increasing day by day and it nearly about 50000 visitors per month, then you should move to cloud hosting for your websites. Its price varies based on plans and companies. Hostinger’s cloud hosting’s plan starts from $16 and the SiteGround plan starts from $80.


Reseller Hosting

This hosting is basically used for reselling hosting packages to others. Actually, it is a shared hosting where a user gets a control panel to manage and sell hosting. Reseller hosting allows its user some extra features like managing customer accounts, storage, accounts, billings, etc. that are required to continue a website.

Small investors use this hosting to do business in their own country or location. Some of the web developers also use this hosting to provide service to their clients. Reseller hosting plans start from $15 based on features and companies.


VPS Hosting

It’s a type of shared that works like dedicated hosting. You will get most of the benefits that are available to dedicated hosting we discussed before. In this system, a portion of shared hosting is distributed to a person. This storage will be used by that person only. The user gets a control panel for the hosting.

The main benefit of hosting is that users get a taste of dedicated hosting at a reasonable price. The problem. And the problem of this hosting is that it is still a shared hosting and the core server is shared with other websites.


Managed WordPress Hosting

If you have a few ideas, then you can understand what types of hosting is that. This hosting is developed for the WordPress CMS users who want to develop a website through WordPress. There are millions of websites around the world and 30% of it is made with WordPress. So it is a good hosting for WordPress users.

Speed is an important factor to rank on google. A website’s speed depends on many things and hosting is one of them. If you use WordPress friendly hosting for your WordPress site, then it will be great for your website. There are hundreds of companies that are providing WordPress hosting services.


Is web hosting necessary?

Obviously, web hosting is essential for a website. If you don’t use web hosting then you can’t run any website.  Because storage and bandwidth are essential to hosting your website. You can’t manage these without web hosting. That’s why web hosting is necessary for your website.


What is a good web hosting service?

The hosting that ensures maximum uptime, bandwidth, SSD, security, one-click installation, user-based server, and support can be considered as a good web hosting.


How web hosting works?

When we start a blog, we need a server with storage where our websites’ text, images, files, audio, video, etc. will be stored.  Our websites are hosted on that server and visitors are driven to our website through this server. With the server, we get some other things from web hosting like email service, SSL certificates, etc. That’s the way web hosting works.


What is bandwidth?

At the time of visiting a website, we see different files. These files (text, image, video, etc.)  are transferred as data from a website to visitors.

Bandwidth refers to these data transferred from a website to the user. Bandwidth is directly related to visitors. How many visitors can visit your website at a certain period of time is dependent on your bandwidth. Higher the bandwidth higher the amount of traffic can visit your website without any interruption.


How to choose the best web hosting / How to choose a web hosting provider?

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a Web Host.

  • Get explicit confirmation of server reliability and its uptime because some hosts take too much time to host your website.
  • Security is necessary while getting a hosting service, so you need to check its security measures and policies in detail before choosing a host.
  • Hosting services usually provide customer support also, but you need to be extra vigilant while choosing it because after rendering services and fixing your issues are not everyone’s case. Technical support is one of the critical points before you decide to go for a hosting service.
  • You need to make it clear that either your hosting provider is ensuring you with site backups detailing or not.
  • Keep in mind that what will be the registration and maintenance fees and cost if any issues arise, how your hosting provider will go to help you out.
  • It is a point to ponder that your Web hosting service provider will equip you to add more domains or not.
  • While choosing a web host, you need to ensure that it is giving you E-commerce and email options or not because many are not paying this.
  • Prices matter a lot, so you need to check the prices before choosing a hosting service.
  • You should check the server location at the time of choosing the best suitable hosting for you. If your users are from Singapore then you should try to select a Singapore web hosting
  • Get a clear idea of its features and what will be the limitations of it.


Final Comments

Web hosting is mandatory to ensure online presence. That’s why more than 100 companies providing web hosting services around the world. Some companies provide region-based hosting services. If you read the whole article, you can make a better choice of web hosting as it discussed what is web hosting, why it is necessary, what are the types of web hosting and how to choose the best web hosting providers.

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