Best Free Webinar Platform


Do you want to teach anyone?

Do you want to help anyone?

Do you want to sell an online course?

Do you want to do online business?

Do you want to provide support to your customers?

Do you want to interact with potential buyers?

If you want to perform any activity I mentioned above, you can read through the best free webinar platform review to grow your business quickly or support customers, etc.

Once I bought a course on SEO from an expert. He was excellent as well as popular in his field. When I started the course, I faced many problems and asked my mentor to solve these problems. He helped me as much as he could through messenger, email, phone, etc.

But some of my problems remained unsolved because of proper understanding. To solve the remaining problem my mentor arranged a webinar program for me and some other people where we interacted through video conference. Our mentor solved all of the remaining problems efficiently that helped us to go forward.

Today I am going to inform you about some free webinar software that can be used without any cost. So let’s start learning about best free webinar software


1. ezTalksBest Free Webinar Recording Software


ezTalks webinar software


It is the platform that allows users to conduct video conferencing, room conferencing, screen sharing, audio conferencing, remote controlling, live chat, etc. This cloud-based software can be used by the educational institution, governmental organization, entrepreneur, teacher, mentors, etc. This software increases interaction and understanding among people from different places. So it is a great webinar solution for you.



  • All types of video-related services
  • Audio conferencing and group chat
  • Whiteboard system for faster decision



  • Limited participants in free version
  • Need update at call making process



2. Skype


skype webinar platforms


It is very popular software that is acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2011. This platform is providing excellent video conferencing services from its beginning. This platform can be used for the webinar, video conferencing, screen sharing and group calls. It allows 25 participants in the webinar and 9 participants in group call for free. So it is a great option for you if your audience is within specified participants.



  • Very easy to use
  • HD quality video call
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Video call at group



  • Doesn’t work at a poor connection
  • The call recording system is not good



3. InstaWebinar


instawebinar software


It is a great tool for people who want to arrange a webinar for a hundred people at a time. Through this software, you can connect with people for webinars within 2 minutes and can share your powerpoint presentation slide instantly. This software works on Windows, Mac, Android. So people using different devices can be connected easily.



  • Can share your webcam with 100 peoples
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Participants email can be collected after the events
  • Easy to share powerpoint slide
  • No sign-up and credit card required



  • Allows only 100 participants
  • Don’t provide all types of video services



4. Google HangoutsBest Free Webinar Tool


google hangouts webinar platform


Hangouts is a product from google that is made to make easy the communication for google users. It is used for communication between two or more peoples and facilitates the chat, audio call, and video calling system.

You can arrange a webinar for your students through google hangouts easily which costs you $30-$99 if you use other popular platforms like WebEX or GoToWebinar, etc. Anyone can be logged in Google Hangouts through Gmail, android apps or IOS platform. Google Hangouts has a premium version that costs $5 to $30 based on storage.



  • Massaging instantly
  • HD video & audio call
  • Webinar through Hangouts on Air
  • Control panel for users
  • User-friendly and can be shared any types of files



  • Doesn’t have all the features that are available to other software
  • Have to pay money for advanced features



5. Facebook Live 


facebook webinar software


Facebook is the most popular social platform around the world. To continue their dominance Facebook is introducing new features every day. As part of new features to make the platform more interactive the company launched a feature called Facebook Live.

Through the platform, you can interact with followers and audiences easily. You can use the platform to teach your students also. Your followers & audience will get a notification when you go live and can communicate with you through the chat system. You can go live through your page using the publishing tool. You can integrate the live with broadcast through Facebook’s API.



  • It’s cost nothing to use
  • You can share your screen
  • Live can be scheduled in advance
  • Have the option to interact with viewers
  • People get a notification on time



  • Doesn’t available all features like the webinar software
  • The title can’t be increased more than 255 characters
  • Video length can be more than 8 hours



 6. ClickMeetingBest Free Webinar Software 2020


clickmeeting webinar


It is a specialized software that allows its users to arrange webinars, meetings, screen sharing, etc. It is a sister concern of GetResponse that is founded in 2011. In 2016, it is explored as a separate company. Its main motive is to solve the problem of the webinar to reach, teach, engage, and convert listeners into a customer.

The company doesn’t provide fully free membership but they provide 30 days trial version that allows 30 minutes webinar with up to 25 attendants. For the free version, it allows 500 MB storage. One good news is that you can arrange an unlimited number of webinars and meetings with the software for the trial version. So it is a great opportunity for those people who are searching for a free webinar platform for a few days.


Pros- of good free webinar platforms

  • Easily customizable
  • Call to action button
  • Screen sharing & private chat
  • Mobile app with a real-time translator
  • Survey option with attendants



  • Free for only 30 days
  • Need a strong internet connection
  • Some problem with support



Final Word

I have tried to mention the best free webinar platforms that are used by people nowadays. You can choose anyone that meets your requirements. All have some pros and cons. But if you want to arrange a more customizable webinar with a long term purpose, then I will recommend you to go with the premium version. Some of the webinars mentioned here have premium options.

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