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A2 Hosting VS SiteGround Review | Pick Best One

A2 Hosting and site ground both offer thorough, extensive, and high powered web hosting services which are great for both beginners and experienced web site owners. This article tends to provide you A2 Hosting vs SiteGround comparison considering customer review


What is A2 Hosting?

A2 hosting review

A2 Hosting is a popular web hosting platform that supplies hosting via developers and for the developers. The A2 Hosting company was Iniquinet formed in 2001. The Iniquinet Company was renamed as A2 Hosting in 2003 on the name Ann Arbor, MI, where 8its basis lies. The data center of the A2 Hosting service is close to this town.

A2 Hosting company provides an extensive range of services which include shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. You can select the management level and create an enterprise-grade control within every service offered by A2 hosting.

This company also supports all the content management platforms that you like. In other words, it can enhance the strength of your Word Press, Joomla web site, or Drupal. In addition to this, it will also increase the capacity of your Open Cart or Magneto Store. So, in this manner, A2 Hosting service fulfills the requirement of your website and your blogs. With all this, it also reaches all the needs of your online business.

The A2 Hosting packages provide you free account transfer for your new websites. So, it’s a whole threat free solution with complete money-back assurance. A2 Hosting company commits to 99.9% uptime and 20 times faster Turbo server. A wide range of domain names are available for new users and utilized in amazingly reasonable price. With all these services, A2 Hosting service provides an excellent and professional customer support service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

A2 hosting customer review


What is SiteGround Hosting?

SiteGround review

Site ground is a top-rated web hosting service. This company formed in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2015, Jooma provided free of cost hosted website solutions in collaboration with site ground. SiteGround Company hired more than 500 employees in 2019. It is a privately held company, and it has its offices in Sofia, Stara Zagora, Madrid, and Plovdiv.

SiteGround Hosting provides a great variety of services for its users. These services include web hosting services for Word Press, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and Presta. SiteGground woo-commerce hosting is quite famous. It also has a Weebly connector. Site ground runs on its network CentOS, Apache, My SQL, PHP and WHM on its platform. SiteGround has software solutions for account isolation, monitoring, and reaction. With all this, it also has solutions for optimization of speed.

SiteGround Hosting has very efficient and reliable servers with very reasonable and pocket-friendly plans. It has specialties like free of cost CDNs and SSL certifications. Moreover, all site ground plans include a 100% money-back guarantee. SiteGround hosting is rated five out of five stars by more than ninety-five of its customers which is proof of its quality features. With all this, the support team is very active every time for the assistance of the customers.

SiteGround Review

Overall Ratings of A2 Hosting vs SiteGround

First, let’s see overall rating at first then we will go into depth

 A2 HostingSiteGround Hosting
Privacy 9/109/10

The scoring table A2 Hosting vs SiteGround is dependent upon my personal experience and a careful study of a vast number of reviews by the users.


A2 Hosting VS SiteGround Features Review

Although both of these services have their own benefits and drawbacks, and one cannot deny the fact that both are great and remarkable web hosting services on their own.  Both of them fulfill affordable prices and a variety of features; there are still some differences that the article is meant to highlight. So, here I am providing you Sitegrund vs A2 hosting comparison based on their features

ParametersA2 HostingSiteGround Hosting
1.      Features

A useful web hosting service will make sure to help its users to build, optimize, and secure their web site. Anything that comes under these three classes is a necessary feature for a web hosting company while anything that falls out these categories can be graded as an unnecessary or you may grade it as a luxury.

A2 Hosting company offers essentially covers every one of the necessary features and many other more fascinating features for web site hosting. These features include

·         Data recovery program

·         Website staging

·         Several security features

·         Unlimited solid-state storage

All these features add uniqueness to this hosting programs and attract the users.

In addition to this all, you get access to a web site builder that confines you to the one-page pattern. You must take in to notice that it provides a sane limitation on free plans.

Moreover, you can use only 100 MB of storage space.

The most differentiating feature of this web hosting provider is turbo servers. So, if you need twenty times faster speed with fewer users on one server and more resources for a single user, the A2 Hosting domain is excellent to go.

Furthermore, the A2 hosting server provides you the feature of light speed cache, which significantly lower down the load timings.

Subtracting the facility to gain access to Lite speed servers, site ground hosting service gives you all other features that are provided by the A2 hosting company. You get access to

·         Daily backups

·         Free SSL/ TSL certificates

·         Cloud fare integration

And much more.

Unlike the A2 hosting service, SiteGround Hosting does not have its builder.

SiteGround’s word press hosting plans make it unique from the others. Surprisingly, Siteground costs you the same amount for its word press plan as it costs for the regular shared plans.

Another mentionable feature of site ground hosting is Super Cacher which is for the same purpose as Lite speed cacher in A2 web hosting service, which means that this service offers you with fantastic speed webserver too just like A2 hosting.

Overall comparing SiteGround and A2 hosting based on features, the A2 hosting domain is the clear winner as it provides more services and all equally useful. On the other hand, SiteGround hosting provides useful but comparatively fewer features.


2.      Price

Price is always an important topic of debate while discussing web hosting services. Even while choosing a service, the cost is an essential point of concern or the user. Although I don’t very distinctive price differences among A2 hosting and site ground, still I consider it is vital to talk about.

A2 Hosting is very clear about the pricing, unlike many other web hosting services. However, every product page displays the available hosting tiers. With this, it also mentions the price, should you buy the most extended term.

Also, it displays the amount you have to pay for the specified duration and even the amount you would pay at renewal. So, it very easy to understand the actual prices of A2 services, unlike some other web hosting services.

A2 Hosting isn’t costly; instead, I would say it affordable with the initial discount it offers but A2 service charges its premium user for the Lite speed server.

But the A2 server overcomes this little drawback by providing its user a superb refund policy. If a user doesn’t get satisfied by the service, he can get his money back at any time.

In the first thirty days of availing the service, you will get all your money back, but after you get a portion of it returned based on the time duration when you bought it and time remaining for the package.

SiteGround is clear about its pricing too. You can avail multi-year plans and discounts are offered for your initial term. In addition to this, site ground also provides for its customers a monthly plan and its price isn’t dependant on the time duration since you have purchased.

A fantastic point to be mentioned is that you can purchase a monthly plan or a one to three years plan for a similar introductory and renewal prices.

The prices are reasonable for sure. The word press plans are the same price as regular shared plans and have amazing features like Super cacher and staging.

While moving to a bit upper level, prices rise much. Dedicated plans and VPNs are quite expensive.

On the other hand, even the refund policy isn’t very mentionable. Site ground only offers 30 days money back policy on shared plans, 15 days on cloud and flat no amount on dedicated plans.

So, while reviewing SiteGround vs A2 Hosting in terms of pricing, I can’t declare that which wins. SiteGround has lower prices than A2 Gosting but on the contrary A2 Hosting service has evident policies and a much comfortable and flexible money back policy. So one can’t clearly state the better one, it just depends upon user preferences.


3.      Ease of Use

It involves a variety of features under it. Making every step easy for the user is an indifferent piece of art. Whether it’s about selecting some plan or checking out to set up your site, the company that provides ease is always your priority. So, I am offering a detailed comparison of A2 Hosting and SiteGround in this aspect.

A2 Hosting server is although quite easy to understand and use, but I would instead refer to it as “packed.” You will see a massive collection of plans, and then every project has a subtype too, and you see information popping out about these from all corners.

Checkout is a bit complicated at A2 Hosting, but still, it doesn’t have a pre-decided ad on.  Everything can be left except as it is except the auto-install application and server location tab.

The auto-install app helps you to install automatically. Just say Word press and you are free. On the other hand, the server location tab is to allow you to select the server on which your website will be hosted.

Once you have done this, you enter the client area. There is a considerable amount of data in the client area, but the A2 Hosting service makes it easy to understand. Very quickly and efficiently, you can see your invoices, services, support tickets, and much more, nearly everything you need to access. A streamlined interface will display all this.

Then there is a tab that directly takes you to the c Panel once you click it. C Panel of A2 Hosting is excellent though, but I can’t say that it is the best one. The c Panel is stock built, and you can do all the things in the c panel which you could do in the client’s area, which makes it more suitable for the user.

SiteGround doesn’t offer as many plans as A2 web hosting. So, searching for the site is a bit easier. The number tiers for each hosting plan are quite less and in turn, a short comparison between the competitors. Site ground does not make much of the technical basis for comparison; instead, it states merely the differences in storage space and the estimated number of visitors the site can manage.

If you are interested to see the technical differences, for this purpose, SiteGround has provided an excellent comparison sheet. Checking out at Siteground is very easy. You just gave to provide the billing information and your log in details.

Further going ahead, things don’t seem to be that fascinating. The SiteGround is not much up to date. The client area is just pushed to the center of the user’s screen.

On the contrary, the main navigation is quite good.

But if you have to access the c Panel, the link for it is hidden behind several other options. Si, it’s difficult to access.

But once you have the c Panel, it doesn’t look much updated. Although it uses the icon-based implementations, which fulfills the modern requirements but the way the icon encircles these icons, it seems to be something from old times. But I would mention that this thing doesn’t make it difficult to use, but the site doesn’t look very appealing.

So, discussing SiteGround, A2 Hosting, in the aspect of ease of use, I would say A2 Hosting server has a clear lead over the SiteGround hosting. I would recommend A2 web hosting service in comparison to the Siteground for being user-friendly.


4.        Speed

I feel this is the most comfortable domain to be compared. I have installed word press using both hosting platforms. Here I am providing results based on my experience.

A2 web server is one of the fastest services among all hosting companies. The site takes less than 300 milliseconds to get loaded out which 82 milliseconds are necessary for DNS resolution.

Due to the turbo server, very little time is utilized for the wait metric. A2 makes your site load as fast as possible.

In addition to all this, every user gets loaded within just ten milliseconds of the other.

While discussing the speed, the site ground does equally well as the A2 web hosting service. It nearly takes 3 seconds for your load using site ground.

Load time is a bit longer, but most of it used for DNS resolution. On the contrary, the wait time is just 200 milliseconds which is surprising for such an inexpensive hosting.

Load impact is 50 users within five minutes, which I suppose is excellent still not as good as A2 Hosting.

So, summing up these two hosting based upon speed, none of the ones is the prominent winner, both are equally comparable. A2 hosting provides a bit better service, but the Siteground is providing exceptional services in fewer charges. So I would both 9/10 for the speed.


5. Privacy and Security

At last, I would compare A2 Hosting and Site ground-based on security and privacy features. It is the most concerned aspect of web hosting by a moat the users and should be discussed.

A2 Hosting offers a perpetual security initiative to secure your web site or blog. A2 hosting provides a complete package of web site security. Some features protect your website from all present and future risks. The kernel is updated every day with any downtime.

Hack scans protect your web site from viruses.

The privacy policy of A2 is not very clear. A2 Hosting says that it has the authority to share your information with law enforcing agencies and other fellow services. But it doesn’t your data with advertising partners.

As far as privacy is concerned, the site ground is much more precise. Just like A2 Hosting, SiteGround can also share your data with law enforcing agencies, but they don’t do this profit-making instead sharing of your data provides additional facilities like the location on your web site. SiteGround clearly states on its web site that “SiteGround will not sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information for commercial purposes in any way.”

If we talk about security, SiteGround is quite excellent in it, but still isn’t comparable to A2 hosting. You are safe with the application of firewalls, daily backups, and DDoS protection.

But SiteGround hosting lacks virus screening in comparison to A2 Hosting.

As long as confidentiality and security are concerned about whether to go for SiteGround or A2 Hosting is difficult to answer. Here, again A2 hosting is providing better services, especially in terms of malware protection, but functions of site ground are quite a much cost-effective.


6.        Support

Support is very important to solve any problem immediately

A2 Hosting service provides,24/7 support for their customers by three modes

·         Live chat

·         Email

·         Phone

With this, it gives a detailed knowledge-based guide on how to build a web site with the A2 hosting server

As far as we compare, customer support, it’s precisely similar to the A2 Hosting server. The support team is active at every part of day and night for their users and provide the information through the same three modalities that are

·         Live chat

·         Email

·         Phone

SiteGround also gives a complete explanation for building a website on their server.


So, as far as customer support is concerned, there is an ultimate tie between the two. Both gave excellent support service for their users, but none of them can be declared better than the other.


Why should I choose A2 Hosting Server for my Web site?

Here are some benefits that A2 Hosting company holds over its competitors:

  1. Free SSD storage with every plan
  2. Choose from Linux or Window hosting
  3. Anytime money-back guarantee
  4. 9% uptime commitment
  5. Free site migration

So, in my view, you are more concerned about speed, malware protection, more sophisticated features. You should go for the A2 Hosting. But remember A2 web hosting service isn’t a preferred option if you are more concerned with prices. It has relatively higher rates. Although the money-back policy is quite good, if you want excellent services in more reliable and reasonable rates, the A2 Hosting service isn’t for you.

A2 Hosting Plan


Why should I choose the Siteground Server for my Web site?

Here are the leading benefits of the site ground hosting server:

  1. Free site migration service
  2. 30-day money-back guarantee
  3. Free automatic backups daily
  4. Automatic Word press Installation
  5. Free SSL certificate
  6. Free Cloud fare CDN

SiteGround Hosting Plan

Final Thoughts about SiteGround vs A2 hosting

You can pick A2 hosting or SiteGround for your business according to your preferences. In my opinion, I can say that if you prefer the service rather than price then the A2 hosting will be a better choice for you. If budget hosting with good service then the SiteGround will be better for you. But the A2 hosting refund policy is much better than the SiteGround refund policy.


If you don’t like anyone from these then click here for another hosting platform.

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